Monday, April 23, 2007

Our little wieners

I love this little meep meep. Gretchen Wieners is so adorable. Know what else is adorable? Me and Gracie and Abigail in a car together! For 12 hours! And going to the greatest place on earth and the beachy beach and I am excited. Is it tomorrow yet????


Saturday, April 21, 2007


Disneyland in less than one week. Opening to close. All day long and strong, baby. I am very stoked for the Abby/Gracie/Stoophy road trip! Yea yea yea!!!!!

Splash Mtn, Matterhorn, fireworks, parades, Pirates of the Carribean, everything that you are supposed to do when you're 10, but really appreaciate when you're 21!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Go Barefoot

Getting up early gives you more time to play.

It's easier to start over on a clean sheet of paper than to erase the drawing you don't like.

Plain underwear is boring.

Remember everyone's favorite color.

If you're going to laugh, laugh out loud.

One thing you can't pretend to be is funny.

Homesick is the worse kind of sick.

If you want to see a shooting star, you might have to spend a lot of nights looking up.

Don't always act your age.

If splashing in puddles means you have to wear wet shoes for the rest of the day, sometimes its worth it.

Sometimes you have to take the test before you finish studying.

Half a nap is worse than none.

Wear party shoes to parties.

Big clothes make you feel smaller.

Being captain doesn't mean you're the smartest one, it just means you're the one with the boat.

Once you're wet, it doesn't matter how much more you get rained on.

Hug people for no reason.

Making your bed is a waste of time.

There is no good reason why clothes have to match.

If you can't reach someone, blow kisses.

Ride the waves to shore.

If you want to make friends with a bird, you can't run at it.

Its hard to unlearn a bad word.

Ask for sprinkles.

Food tastes better at picnics.