Wednesday, May 30, 2007


What's the color of voice?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Grace by Grace

I just had a religion class where all we did was talk about Grace. Not Grace Labass, but the strengthening and enabling power. So anyhow, I can never help but giggle and love every time we talk about grace. This time, it IS about you gracie. We are supposed to think of Grace as a gift. I sure do. The more grace you give the more Grace you get. Grace by Grace.

On a similar note, when did I start to deserve such great people being around me all the time? Man, if there wasn't such a thing as Leah, Grace, Kathryn, Jake, my grandpa, awesome cousins, funny brothers and sisters and babies, st. george friends, AmberLee, Hang, on and so forth...what would I do with myself? I would be a lot worse off. Thats for sure.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

We Finish Each Others.....Sandwhiches.

Introducing Mr and Mrs. Captain Jack Sparrow

...and half of Grace's face.

Just a few minor cropping details and ye have yerself me future weddin' announcment, matey. Arr. I love him. And he loves me. We are so good together.

I should be doing so many things right now. But I'm my own boss, and I don't wanna. Whatever happenned to 5th grade? I was so in control in 5th grade. I was smart and my teacher liked me and we were the top of the grade school feeding chain (ok, so there were only 80 kids in the entire school, but whatever).
so cute! I mean a sub n equals n plus one over four....(thats from mean girls for those of you not named leah, grace, or kathryn...which is actually is anyone who would be reading this Well I have a date. With Harold B. Lee. So much to do, only 2 more hours of library open-ness.

I love you Harold.

Friday, May 4, 2007


is in class.
is not listening.
is catching interesting facts, like castrating Uranus.
has pink hair.
's house has NO hot water. For 2 days.
thought her teacher said "syphallis". (He really said civilization.)
wants a venti mocha frappacino.
will probably get one today. And tomorrow.
's stomach is growling.
wants to go swimming.
thought Pandora had 2 boxes.
realizes there are different stories.
's bum is SO tired.
was a total bitch yesterday.
doesn't know why exactly.
misses Trey, Lucy and Ethan.
needs a new, motivating job. Or at least to get motivated at C.A.
wants a season pass to 7 Peaks.
has to work all day tomorrow.
needs her favorites bras from Toad's house.
wishes she weren't wearing shoes.
wants to sleep under a tree.
loves the forest.
spends most of her time traslating this guys english into...english.
knows herself.
wishes life were more like a movie.
wonders how great it would be to kiss that guy over there...
can't stand it.
is masochistic.
can imagine herself walking home right now. Oh happy day.
let's her feet swing. Why not?
loves $1 purchases.
needs to be a better friend.
feels inspired. Occasionally.
can't go home again.
is empty.
penetrates the mysteries of the universe, namely, why cotton candy is so amazing.
lives in her letters.
always secures the least I would.
will be more involved.
relies on tradition.
hears echoes in the canyons.