Saturday, May 24, 2008

Like a junky with no fix

I lost my phone. But I will be re-phoned shortly, hopefully.

I'm not one of those totally-attached-to-my-phone-keeping-my-bluetooth-in-my-ear-24-hours-a-day or anything, but I do feel a little disconnected.

Soulja boy tell 'em.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Left the Jag and I took the Rolls

Poooooopy. I just spent 9 hours. In the hot hot sunny sun. Baking. I applied SPF 30 every 2 hours and I STILL could not get away from the suns deadly rays. I love me some sunshine, but in small amount and when I am not forced to sit in it for work. Boo, you whore!

So, I was thinking about American Gladiators and how they are making a new one. I just hope they have Powerball and Assault. And the Joust! I am excited. But anyhow, I was thinking about the old Gladiators and I rememered that deaf one, Siren. So googled her. And she died in February!! She was living in Monmouth, Oregon and she killed herself. Weird! I got really sad for her.

Anyway, I love my car. It is so summery and great.

Love love me.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

They said he was some kind of scientist...

I could be in another city, with people who saved my life 9 months ago and who I love, having a blast and watching Arrested Development or Mean Girls. We would be getting ready for a freaking awesome Mothers Day BBQ up Spanish Fork Canyon and eating delicious meaty treats. Taking pretty pictures and laughing and being happy.

But instead my stupid car decided to get a flat tire and stupid Les Schwab decides not to be open when I want to get it fixed.


I miss this. This was like the first time we hung out with Will. Weird!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Educational Decree Number Seventy-Eight....

It is official! I am a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant. I just got the certificate in the mail...and then I ran home down the they do in movies. I am excited!!! I start my nursing pre-reqs on MONDAY and now I can start applying for jobs at hospitals and I am stoked!

And as I was going down the stairs to my basement-room, I misjudged the last step and almost broke my back and my leg off and my face.

Well, I am going to start applying for CNA jobs...SUCKAS!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Mom told me to stay away from microwaves.

Matt got married!!!! It was soooo good. The best part was teh reception. Best reception ever. A DJ with a smooth, sultry voice reminiscent of Marvin Gaye's weird Mormon step-cousin. Live Band playing all the greatest hits of the 90's, including "Sunny Came Home". So much food. SO much FOOD. and it was damn good too. Props to Kathryn's sister, Brittany, who did an AMAZING job decorating and everything. All my brothers are amazing and Matt is no exception. I love him so much and I am so happy for him!!! He is the best brother I could ask for, he stayed up all night, night after night in the hospital with me. I love this guy:) And Kathryn is so great. I really have lucked out with sister-in-laws. I'm pretty sure I have the best 3 that their are.

Speaking of brothers, why are mine so wierd?What a dork.

My Grammy NEVER lets us take pictures of her. I don't know what she has against pictures cuz she's freaking HOT and so sassy. I think she looks like a movie star in all the pictures we have of her (which are not very many). This is me and my gram and marge and Mary. I think we are cute.

This picture speaks for itself. Cutest thing I have ever seen. I miss her already. Tanya said that when she saw this dress for the first time, she audibly gasped. Everyone was dancing at the reception, it was the best one I have ever been to. Even my Dad was busting all kinds of moves on the dance floor. He was getting hyphy. It was hilarious. I wish everyone could have seen it. My mom had left about an hour previous and my dad really let loose. ANother highlight of the night...CHOODY! I got to see her and all her boys briefly, but it was worth it. I freaking love them.

Kids are impossible to photograph. And all the kids I'm related too seem to be especially big hams. Its a miracle that we have any normal pictures of these guys.