Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Baby Love

He has been gone for about one day and I already miss this little bugger. I'm bored. But at least its snowing.

Monday, December 17, 2007

ooooohhhh grrrrl... Longest post EVER

6 days until Oregon. Happy happy happy. I am beginning to notice that since I live with my sister, our blogs have been relatively similar....we take the same pictures of the same events and blog about them within the next 2 days. Emily usually beats me getting the pictures up, so it seems like I have less going on in my life. Not so....

But I also realized that Kathryn and Jake got married like 5 months ago and I posted no such pictures of the happy day!!! AND i was looking through them the other day and my heart filled with happy.

I don't understand why Jordan 1 always looks SO disappointed to be in a picture with me.(..bastard...)But I love him anyway.

A lot of you may not know that Grace's Dad and Kathryn's Dad are really really awesome. But they are, as this picture proves.

In Grace's backyard. What a bunch of beautiful people...and I have no idea why leah's hand is positioned that way on Fauf's belly button. Weird. But then again, Leah is just weird. Watch out Armenia, Sister Leah Pettit is upon you.

There many problems with this picture...for starters, I forgot to flip it and I am too tired to fix it right now. Second-of-ly, Jake looks like a criminal and I look like I just woke up from a reallllly great nap (both of which are FALSE, just in case anyone was curious). And Jake insisted that he get a picture of my FREEBIRD tattoo on his wedding day outside the temple. Because he doesn't make fun of me enough when he's not getting married.
I saved the best for last. I miss AmberLee so much it is kind of disgusting. This is the most recent picture I have of the both of us and it's from July. Distance sucks when it's between two people that are such great friends and lovers!!! AMBER, I LOVE YOU!!!! Move to Salt Lake and lets live together again and this time we won't fail all our classes and eat Rice-A-Roni at 3 in the morning and never sleep and drive around all night and eat at McDonalds like 4 times a day.... We will have to think of healthier hobbies, dude. I miss you for reals. Pour one for the homies.

I miss when I didn't have scars on my face and arms and tummy.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Rest In Peace, Snow-woman

It snowed a lil' bit friday night, so on Saturday Ethan, Emily and I played in the snow. Me and Ethan made a snowman, but then it turned into a woman. And you know what??? Someone knocked it over last night and stole its head!!! Along with my wig and my scarf that I spent FOREVER making . Lame-o neighbor kids. But she was pretty while she lasted. Poor snow girl. She was so great.
Sitting in our snow chairs, eating delicious snow.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

If you want to sing out, sing out

we are a happy family!
We went to temple square to take pictures and look at the lights and the Afrikan nativity scene.