Sunday, July 1, 2007

Can't Take the Kid from the Fight Take the Fight from the Kid

Sunday Sunday Funday. Mommy and daddy went home. I was driving home from Salt Lake last night and I take different ways each time I do and this time I decided to go from the 201 to the 215 to the 15. Perfect choice and timing because I got to watch the most amazing firework show just as i was passing it on the 215. I don't know what it was for but it was directly in front of me and then as i was passing it it was the grand finale where everything goes off at once! It was great. I love it. and it smelled like Fireworks and that made me happy. I hope I can see Stadium of Fire from the roof of my house. We watched it from the top of travis and Tanya's house just before trey was born, 3 years ago. it was so fun.

Just sit back and relax, sit back and relapse again. Hooray for fireworks!!


The Smith Family said...

yes we did watch those fireworks together. good times. what did you do for the 4th? did you catch a glimpse of the stadium of fire?


Stooph said...

oh-yea. they were awesome. way better then from seth and jenny's roof/trampoilne/trying to get on their roof and almost dying. or at least margo did. or was it travis? i can't remember. look at us blogging. we are so hi-tech