Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Baby Love

He has been gone for about one day and I already miss this little bugger. I'm bored. But at least its snowing.

Monday, December 17, 2007

ooooohhhh grrrrl... Longest post EVER

6 days until Oregon. Happy happy happy. I am beginning to notice that since I live with my sister, our blogs have been relatively similar....we take the same pictures of the same events and blog about them within the next 2 days. Emily usually beats me getting the pictures up, so it seems like I have less going on in my life. Not so....

But I also realized that Kathryn and Jake got married like 5 months ago and I posted no such pictures of the happy day!!! AND i was looking through them the other day and my heart filled with happy.

I don't understand why Jordan 1 always looks SO disappointed to be in a picture with me.(..bastard...)But I love him anyway.

A lot of you may not know that Grace's Dad and Kathryn's Dad are really really awesome. But they are, as this picture proves.

In Grace's backyard. What a bunch of beautiful people...and I have no idea why leah's hand is positioned that way on Fauf's belly button. Weird. But then again, Leah is just weird. Watch out Armenia, Sister Leah Pettit is upon you.

There many problems with this picture...for starters, I forgot to flip it and I am too tired to fix it right now. Second-of-ly, Jake looks like a criminal and I look like I just woke up from a reallllly great nap (both of which are FALSE, just in case anyone was curious). And Jake insisted that he get a picture of my FREEBIRD tattoo on his wedding day outside the temple. Because he doesn't make fun of me enough when he's not getting married.
I saved the best for last. I miss AmberLee so much it is kind of disgusting. This is the most recent picture I have of the both of us and it's from July. Distance sucks when it's between two people that are such great friends and lovers!!! AMBER, I LOVE YOU!!!! Move to Salt Lake and lets live together again and this time we won't fail all our classes and eat Rice-A-Roni at 3 in the morning and never sleep and drive around all night and eat at McDonalds like 4 times a day.... We will have to think of healthier hobbies, dude. I miss you for reals. Pour one for the homies.

I miss when I didn't have scars on my face and arms and tummy.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Rest In Peace, Snow-woman

It snowed a lil' bit friday night, so on Saturday Ethan, Emily and I played in the snow. Me and Ethan made a snowman, but then it turned into a woman. And you know what??? Someone knocked it over last night and stole its head!!! Along with my wig and my scarf that I spent FOREVER making . Lame-o neighbor kids. But she was pretty while she lasted. Poor snow girl. She was so great.
Sitting in our snow chairs, eating delicious snow.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

If you want to sing out, sing out

we are a happy family!
We went to temple square to take pictures and look at the lights and the Afrikan nativity scene.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I am a grown-up sometimes :)

This Thanksgiving was kind of a special one. Even though I'm living with 2 of my siblings, both of them had other plans for Thanksgiving. So instead of tagging along with them, I decided to have all my other family-less-for-the-holiday friends up to my sister's in Salt Lake and cook them a real home-style Thanksgiving, just like Grandma made, right Tessa? Or, in Jake's case, Grandma's maids...or servants...or whatever you would call them. Weird.
But I bet your Grams never wore THOSE bunny slippers in the kitchen, eh? Didn't think so.

I have the greatest friends, I mean, not only are they good at being my friends, but they are great people in general. Gracie, Tessa, H, and Will all spent the night last night and Erin, Jake and Kathryn came up today. We are a handsome bunch of crazy kids. I love these peeps, and I wish a few more could have been there, but some people do have families...whatever :)My favorite baby's mamas. I love Grace and Kathryn so much its kind of disgusting.
So we collaborated and made a delicious, all from scratch dinner consisting of an amazing turkey with home-made stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, Tanya's famous rolls, salad, and about 500 pies. It was probably the best dinner ever served to humans in the history of dinners. Or humans.
We tried to keep all family traditions running, so before dinner we held hands and gave thanks, after dinner Grace sprayed our mouths with whipped topping, and we had a Crazy-Hat parade a la Kathryn's fam. It was exactly what it sounds like; we put on crazy hats and walked around the streets, all the while singing "Let me Clear My Throat" by DJ Kool.

I am thankful for my friends. And my family. So so much. My family is amazing and I love them to bits and pieces. I don't know what I would do without them.
Oh, and I'm thankful for livers. And doctors. And organ donors.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Weekends of fun and frivolity

I love the weekends. Me and Gracie get to spend mucho time together, which really isn't that mucho compared to last year. I miss last year!!! But whatever. And I get to see the friends I love and play and eat carne asada fries and just be friends and love each other. That is my favorite way to spend the weekend.


Dear Donor...

So I wrote the letter to my donor's family. It was really hard and kind of weird. I didn't really know what to say or how much to say but I had to say something because it is just too crazy not to. It had been 3 months and 5 days since my transplant so I figured,, why wait??
I really hope that they write back, but you never know. This may be the only time that I ever get to write to them, which would really suck, especially since I misspelled the word "donor" and noticed it too late. Hmm. Hopefully they won't hold that against me.

Write me back!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Will Day!!

Yesterday Grace and I celebrated Will day with the best person in the world to celebrate it with...WILL!!! It was great and fun and wonderful. I love will. And I love Grace. Perfect combo.
I'm going to start working this week!!
I found my camera!!!
Happy!!!! Many photos to come.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Listening to John Legend, waiting for Ikea

Here I am at Erin's new house. By myself. Waiting for Ikea... that may sound boring and a waste of time...but my entire life right now is about wasting time so its perfect. I am eating pita chips and taking pictures of myself on Erin's iBook.

ooohhh photo effects.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Stinky Bum

Ethan and Bob are cooking breakfast and singing "House of Fire" together. As Bob said, Ethan is probably the only 3-year-old that sings to Alice Cooper. And he says stinky bum over and over. Ethan does, not Bob.

Trey and Lucy were Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, respectively, for Halloween and they are probably the cutest children I can think of. Ethan was a pirate and BARELY earned his keep in candy. He only lasted like 20 minutes but that was enough candy for me to feel really sick all night.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hooray for Friendship!!!!!

Megan (formerly Stubbs) and Laura (Formerly Hellewell) drove from Rexburg while their husbands were busy and spent a few days with me and it was soooo freaking fun. The only thing missing was Choody. It was just like high school... (if megan would have gotten knocked up in high school). Actually, it wasn't anything like high school and it was so great!!! I stole some pictures from Meg's blog of my favorite pictures from high school and then a few from now-a-days.

My mom told me that I was too old to go trick-or-treating my junior year of high school (2002) and so I went anyway with Megs and she was a scary ninja and i was a kick-a pirate.

This is me and laura and megan not going to school. I love Silver Creek Falls and I love not going to school. I think we were in the parking lot of the school after seminary when we decided that school would not cut it that day, so we drove away.

Zoo time!! While they were down here we took Ethan and Liam to the zoo and it was great great fun. Except the penguins were oober lame and the giraffes were closed. That was very disappointing for all of us. But, on the plus side, we got to watch the black bears fight for like 10 minutes! it was so cool and they were biting each other's necks and everything! I love bears.

Ethan is such a little ham. I love that kid.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Ay Baby!

Most importantly, look how adorable my new room is!!! It is absolutely a HUGE step up from my last living arrangement... (consisting of a broken twin frame and the closet that doubled as a desk for my computer...) I have a HUGE bed and a real desk for my computer, drawers, pretty colors on my walls and everything. I love it love it love it!!!

On an even more selfish note, look at my pretty fake eye lashes and nails!! I wish I could blame this disgusting vanity on the fact that I have a lot of free time nowadays, but honestly I have been craving fake lashes for a while and I love pedicures and acrylic sue me!Sooooo hot.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

St. Geroge Lovin'

I love St. George!!! Margo ran the marathon an she was amazing, my grandpa took us to Chuck-a-Rama of course, and Gracie came!!! It was a great weekend.

The girls and grandpa outside his house.
Me and my Gracie.
The whole bunch with Grace and Colleen as the bookends.

My room is livable now! Pictures to follow and sleep-overs are in order. :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Liver!

I had a liver party last night. It was great. We had juice and pop and chips and chicken and ice cream and a 3-year-old, and a couple dads, and a rocket scientist. And I felt normal!! And everyone liked my potato salad-which i have never made before in my life!!! (thanks Tanya!) We played "Pin the Liver on Stooph" and everyone had to make their own liver...but it turns out that very few people actually know what a liver looks like and where it is located in your body. It is not heart-shaped, Grace. Nor is it an oil filter on the top of my head, Jordan. But it was very fun and I am very satisfied. Hooray for Cowboy themed Liver Parties.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My hair is normal again!

I got my hair done the other day and it's all one color now!! even more exciting, it's my natural hair color!!!! I haven't had that in a very long time. Well, not that long, but long enough so that my family didn't remember what color it was. I'm making my first outing to Provo today since I left over a month ago. Hooray for healing!!!!!

I just really like this shirt. I want it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hooray for leaving the hospital!!!!

ok, this is an old picture because I still had that ridiculous feeding tube. Good riddance to that thing. But its the only picture I have of me in the hospital. I loved West-6, but i am soooooo happy to be out of that place. The smells were making me feel sick all the time. I'm at Emily's in West Valley and love it. So so much. This is good. Hooray for new livers!!!!!!!! My Dr. said that everything is going as good as it can go, I only have to go to labs once a week for now and clinic once a week. Add therapy once a week and psychiatrist every so often and I am kind of busy. I'm not even a month out of my surgery and am already home! I am so blessed.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What the H word?

So much to post. Unfortunately, no time, no time at all to do it. My AmberLee awaits me outside.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday the Thirteenth was weird.

I forgot my camera so I could post pictures :( sad face. Someone is repeatedly blowing their nose in the library right now.

Nothing to write about. I thought I did, but apparently I was wrong. Friends are great and fun. So so so much fun. Loves them. California next week will be AWESOME and yay and woohoo!!!

Of course I love this movie. How could you not?

Friday, July 6, 2007

The Night's Dark forEveryone You Idiot!

I have 2 minutes at the Provo Library internet machine. I have not having internet at home, and I have walking to campus in 105 degree heat. Darn the summer. But I love it. Its complication.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Can't Take the Kid from the Fight Take the Fight from the Kid

Sunday Sunday Funday. Mommy and daddy went home. I was driving home from Salt Lake last night and I take different ways each time I do and this time I decided to go from the 201 to the 215 to the 15. Perfect choice and timing because I got to watch the most amazing firework show just as i was passing it on the 215. I don't know what it was for but it was directly in front of me and then as i was passing it it was the grand finale where everything goes off at once! It was great. I love it. and it smelled like Fireworks and that made me happy. I hope I can see Stadium of Fire from the roof of my house. We watched it from the top of travis and Tanya's house just before trey was born, 3 years ago. it was so fun.

Just sit back and relax, sit back and relapse again. Hooray for fireworks!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Welcome Back to 5th Grade!

I have a crush on a guy at work. He's so nice and adorable and smart. And guess what I do? I ignore him and am kind of mean to him and when he talks to me I stutter and make minimal converstation and so he thinks I hate him probably. And then I go home and try to find him on myspace or facebook or anything. For like five hours. But he has a very common name. Hm. I am pathetic. HELP ME PUBERTY!!!!. Oh wait, that already happened.

maybe i should slip him a note to his desk, across the row becuase i can't even sit by him. i'm pathetic.

i love you mama

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Playing second class fiddle to a 2-bit Wrestling man and his Yellow Dog.

It is hot, but at least our swamp cooler is working. That is, if I drag three buckets of water to it from the bathroom and fill it up and repeat every 2 1/2 hours. But it is cooler inside than outside. Oh, and I inevitably get electrically shocked by the cooler in the process. I can hardly feel the tips of my fingers at any given moment anymore. I love summer time. I love sun. I love hot-ness. My heart is happy. My mom is coming to Utah tomorrow for a school conferences education thing. Not really sure. She called me today like 3 times to make sure we were going to "hang out". Silly mom. My dad decided to come too since he has a sister here and some daughters and a grandson.

I want to pick raspberries and blackberries and strawberries but i live in a dessert. A desert. Not a key lime pie. A baren sandy wasteland with no natural green leafy plants.

I heart green things, and cows, and watermelons, and babies.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Should Everyone Be High on Drugs?

That was one question my professor asked in class today. Of course, I answered yes. What did he expect me to say?

There's this one 'Friends" episode that Chandler is interviewing for a new job and has to do a lot of practicing with Phoebe beforehand because he tends to make a fool out of himself. So he practices and thinks he is doing well and when he gets to the interview, the guy keeps on talking about his new "duties" that he'll have to fill. And Chandler obviously thought of this kind of "doody":
They sound the same, ya know? Anyway, my professor today was talking about moral duties for 2 hours in class today and I almost peed by panties. I can't help it. It's just silly. Doo-Doo! Doodies!! As a result, I can clearly remember the lecture today in class. It turned out to be a good memory tool.

Remember that time I got my car stuck in the *expletive* ditch in front of my house? ....I'm going to work.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Sometime I am Productive. I promise.

I learned how to use the library today for my research paper. And I was doing really good until I found this guy. And then I had to show the girl sitting next to me. And then I laughed everytime I looked at him. He's silly. Then I learned in my next class that Harry Potter writes on parchment which is animal hide! Like cows and pigs and sheepses and things. Pretty cool. My paper was due at Midnight. I turned it in 3 seconds late.....
7 peaks? Yes please!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


What's the color of voice?